RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars

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Description of RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars

Enjoy with a new delivery of the RC saga with RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars.

Compete against other vehicles in Arena 5 vs 5 battle. Five armed cars competing for being the king of the track. Drive out the other vehicles off the track and attack them with your weapons to be the only survivor and collect the trophy that will earn you a lot of coins.

Drag the wheels of your car to discover hidden places of the house in free mode and find the batteries that will make the game never end.

These cars are a perfect RC radio control simulator and to make them run you should prevent the battery from depleting. Walk the house to the racing style to find them as fast as possible before the car stops and the game ends.

Use the coins you get to buy new vehicles. You have many at your disposal to choose between cars and other vehicles: taxi, sports coupe racing, monster truck, police car, ambulance, giant truck, fire truck, snowplow, war tan and even a rescue helicopter with real simulator flight.

If you like radio control simulators and racing car games RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars download this free game and start fun and destruction all over the house.

RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars features:

- A wide variety of cars and special vehicles at your disposal to drive and fly: helicopter, war tank, police car, fire truck, monster truck, snowplow and much more.

- Add weapons and customization to your cars and vehicles.

- High-quality graphics and realistic lighting with real shadows.

- Turbo function that will inject nitro in your vehicle to get the best spills and the most extreme speeds.

- Realistic driving and flight physics. Skid, brakes and shock absorbers of an authentic simulator.

- Vehicles with a rechargeable battery.

- Win coins by skidding and using the turbo nitro. Find the hidden coins driving or flying in the furniture of the house.

- RC style simulator racing controls. Control your vehicle with keys or with the inclination of your device.

- Driving, war tank destroying, skidding, rescue helicopter flying, exploring ... everything is possible with this RC game.

RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars is a free game but includes optionally integrated purchases with which you will be able to buy different packages of coins to get all the special vehicles like the war tank or the rescue helicopter much faster.

What are you waiting for to start skidding and destroying the house? Download for free RC Racing Mini Machines - Armed Toy Cars and get to drive these simulator cars.

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